Ukrainian Artist Oleg Shuplyak Hidden Figure Paintings Are Breathtaking Optical Illusions


Ukranian architect Oleg Shuplyak designs buildings for a living, but MrOlik, his pseudonym, creates paintings that are a world of their own. With an architect’s eye for detail and structure, Shuplyak’s paintings are also highly inventive optical illusions that double as portraits of other artists and historical figures. His primary technique, which he’s been refining…

“Initiation Into Nothingness”: A Separate Reality And Dreamy Otherworlds In Incredible Artworks By Alex Andreev


Alexey Andreev (b. 1972) is a Russian artist, lives and works in Saint-Petersburg, and he is one of my favorite illustrators ever. Just sit back, relax and enjoy. From the artist’s statement: “… the nagual Elias went to his dreaming journeys the way a wild animal prowls for food… visited, let’s say, the junkyard of…

Leider geil: Die Erektion nach Augustinus


Mittelalterliche Philosophen argumentierten sowohl mit Aristoteles oder Platon als auch mit den Kirchenvätern. Damit alles unter den Hut der allmächtigen Religion passte, bog man an der Beweisführung zuweilen ganz hübsch und lustig herum. von Michael Helming Das Dienstpersonal erledigt die niederen Arbeiten, dafür wird es bezahlt. So war es schon immer und im Mittelalter repräsentierten…