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Black Xmas: Half off classic cult movie posters sale (for the weirdo on your Xmas shopping list)

Black Xmas: Half off classic cult movie posters sale (for the weirdo on your Xmas shopping list)

Torture Garden’ (UK, 1967)

Every year around this time, Westgate Gallery‘s poster concierge extraordinaire Christian McLaughlin drastically cuts prices for his annual Black Xmas 50% Off Sale. Why it’s almost half off, even…

Anyway, my pal McLaughlin, a novelist and TV/movie writer and producer based in Los Angeles, is the maven of mavens when it comes to this sort of thing. You couldn’t even begin to stock a store like his if you didn’t know exactly what you were looking for in the first place, and if you want a quick (not to mention rather visceral) idea of his level of deep expertise—and what a great eye he’s got—then take a gander at his world-beating selection of Italian giallo posters. Christian is what I call a “sophisticate.”

He’s got a carefully curated cult poster collection on offer that is second to none. His home is a shrine to lurid giallo, 70s XXX and any and every midnight movie classic you can shake a stick at. But why would you want to shake a stick at a bunch of movie posters to begin with? That would be pointless. And stupid.

The Westgate Gallery’s Black Christmas 50% off sale sees every item in stock at—you guessed it—50% off the (already reasonable) normal price. All you have to do is enter the discount code “BlackXmas2018” at checkout and your tab will be magically cut in half.

The selection below is only a very tiny sliver of what’s for sale at

‘Multiple Maniacs’ poster on sale at Westgate Gallery

Grave of the Vampire’ aka ‘Seed of Terror’  (USA, 1972)

The Pit’ aka ‘Teddy’ (Canada, 1981)

‘Andy Warhol’s Dracula’ poster for sale at Westgate Gallery

Rare Japanese ‘Sisters’ poster for sale at Westgate Gallery

‘Pets’ poster for sale 50% off at Westgate Gallery

Jess Franco’s ‘Lorna the Exorcist’ (France, 1976)

Disco Lady’ (USA, 1978) Rhonda Jo Petty, the star of this XXX feature was known as the “Farrah Fawcett of porn.”

Invasion of the Love Drones’ (USA, 1977)

‘Torso,’ US 1-sheet poster for sale at Westgate Gallery

Italian ‘Desperate Living’ poster

1975’s notorious ‘Defiance of Good

Ray Dennis Steckler’s ‘Debbie Does Las Vegas’ (USA, 1981)

Porno Holocaust’ (Italy) Gee, I wonder what this 1981 Joe D’Amato film is about?

Fun with funnels in ‘Satanico Pandemonium’ (Mexico, 1975)

‘Mama’s Dirty Girls,’ US 1-sheet poster for sale at Westgate Gallery

A nicely creepy image for Roman Polanski’s ‘The Tenant’ (France, 1976)

Witchcraft ‘70’ (Italy, 1970)

Driller’ (USA, 1984) This “profondo anal” zombie flick is a 35mm XXX musical parody of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video, complete with a boogying undead kickline and a werewolfish lead monster who ejaculates black goo during hardcore sex. Jackson’s lawyers were able to suppress the film and subsequent VHS release in the US, but obviously not in Italy….

Gerard Damiano’s ‘Satisfiers of Alpha Blue’ (USA, 1980)

If you’ve got the decor to pull off hanging this nightmarishly lurid pink Italian poster for Wes Craven’s 1972 shocker ‘Last House On the Left’ all I can say is I hope that you do not live anywhere near me.

And if you’ve got the decor to warrant something like this little number, a poster for ‘3 on a Meathook’ (USA, 1973) that goes double for you, bucko…

Divine Saves The World,’ rare 1972 theatrical poster.

Queens of Evil’ (Italy/France, 1970)

‘Devil’s Playground’ aka ‘Satan Lovers’ (USA, 1976)

No one will like you if you hang this poster for ‘The Innocence of Valerie’ (aka ‘Valerie Sex Sandwich’) in your home…

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