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Exclusive video and music from the Residents’ new album, ‘Intruders’


Phantoms crowd the mind. Whether it’s Guy de Maupassant’s Horla—the thing out there—or the barbarous horde conjured by a demagogue, there’s always some chimera troubling a body, threatening to violate one’s personal sovereignty. One day, it’s trying to adulterate the mustard in your sandwiches; the next, it’s plotting to turn your mailman against you. Pretty soon, it will take control of your nervous system and make you do things you don’t want to do, until it’s speaking your voice for you and puppeteering your person like a meatbag marionette. And where will you be then?

The Residents’ creepy new album, Intruders, is all about doppelgangers, haints, obsessions and delusions. The band co-produced the album with Eric Drew Feldman, the former member of Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band and Pere Ubu, who is also credited as a guest musician, and Dangerous Minds has exclusive video about this record right here, plus the premiere of the album’s third track.

When I was a lad, the Cryptic Corporation—the team that has managed the Residents since 1976—meant Homer Flynn and Hardy Fox, at least after their partners, John Kennedy and Jay Clem, absquatulated in ‘82. Flynn and Fox ran the company until 2016, when Fox retired. ( reports the sad news that Hardy is seriously ill; he has revealed that he was a founding member of the band and has been the primary composer of their music.) Flynn, or “Captain Doc,” still at the helm, introduces the Residents’ latest album in the exclusive video below. Further down, hear “The Scarecrow,” in which a bereaved James Brown fan is sure he sees the Godfather of Soul’s former bathrobe on a roadside scarecrow.

Intruders will be released by Cherry Red Records tomorrow, October 19.

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