Hooray! I’m the transgender princess of TERF Island!


Abigail Thorn, creator of popular YouTube channel, PhilosophyTube has come out as transgender and released a statement about the joy and fear of being trans in the UK. (also on twitter).

Xtra Magazine: What does it mean to be a trans person in the public eye? For Thorn, it’s constant vigilance, lest she step out of line, speak too harshly or act on impulse. “If I’m not at my best, then that can become a headline, which can then be translated into God knows what,” she says. “I don’t have equal rights anymore, and that’s quite jarring—to have this incredible [personal] freedom and joy and this very starkly backwards, spiteful political climate in which I have to exist.”

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Via: http://www.metafilter.com/190252/Hooray-Im-the-transgender-princess-of-TERF-Island

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