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Neprijatelj (The Enemy)

Small engineering squad of Serbs awaits Dayton peace in the mountains, not far away from the ruins of the local factory destroyed in Bosnian war. Each one of the unite soldiers carries dark memories of the past years and tries to deal with them in a unique manner – some are plain auto destructive, others lucky to be alive, some are catatonic after several traumas, others turned to inappropriate laughs and jokes and some remain with blood on their hands and their pockets full…
In such atmosphere, the squad comes across the deserted walled basement in the factory – a man sits inside, calmly at the table, with the ashtray filled with smoked cigarettes, as if he was waiting for them. Soldiers immediately conclude that this man is out of his mind – as he soon confirms, by presenting himself as Daba The Lame, evil demiurge, dreaming of a material world, and all of them inside it. He explains that he was walled in this basement by his religious followers, knowing that they are not supposed to kill him – as, he who kills the demiurge, murders the entire visible world…
At first, his story is being laughed and pitied at, especially when it’s established that Daba The Lame, self proclaimed local God, was a patient of a mental institution, and treated with all known medications. However, in an isolated group, affected by war, his story begins slowly to affect people – the most labile ones begin to show intention to believe the unusual stranger.


via: Festivalscope



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