Booze Fairies Flit Across America

Booze Fairies Flit Across America

Neighbors have been donning wings and tutus to deliver adult beverages and other goodies. New York Times: “This year, women around the country have staked out each other’s homes in the name of a quest that gained popularity during the pandemic: raising spirits by giving spirits, anonymously. Booze fairies, as they’re called, bring together the childhood thrill of ding-dong ditch with a side of Secret Santa and a dash of adult beverages. Sometimes, they wear wings and a tutu.”

“Booze fairies operate on a “pay it forward” philosophy. Participants share their addresses (and alcohol preferences) with volunteer group leaders, who then assign them to various other fairies. Each gift basket comes with a new address to deliver to, and thus a fairy is born. Those who are only out for free drinks get their wings clipped quickly.

“This has 100 percent restored my faith in humanity,” she said. “It’s the sense of not being alone, of knowing someone out there cares about you and will do whatever it takes to put a smile on your face.”

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