Who is proposing intelligent solutions? Who is blocking them? And why?

Who is proposing intelligent solutions? Who is blocking them? And why?

Good luck putting Humpty Dumpty back together again, but I don’t think the centre is ever going to hold again in a cultural landscape where tens of millions of people in the U.S. would not believe whatever they regard as the “mainstream media” if it reported that the sun is expected to rise tomorrow, and anyone can put up a website or a podcast or whatever saying that the sun itself is part of a George Soros plot to, I dunno, kickstart photosynthesis in humans and turn everyone into plants.

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Well, I want process stories and people building reputations for telling the story truthfully and well, a reputation that they hold on to as their legacy. I want to pay money for time invested explaining the processes of our complicated world around us so that there can be a middle ground for us to inhabit when we notice how much in common each human being shares (or how little in common by the gulf of our inequal and inequitable societies).

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It’s amazing that this discussion can take place without anyone mentioning advertising. Really, you think your company’s core mission is to create an informed electorate? Okay. Can Americans not even imagine what a public broadcaster is?

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IMO a good first step would be to reinstate the original idea that the airwaves are a public utility, and that because of this, content of any medium must not be biased entirely in one political direction. Although this is far from a perfect solution, it at least allows the general run of listeners/readers/watchers to be exposed to more than one side of any issue. IIRC the abandonment of the public-utility concept straightforwardly led to a generation-long monopolistic blanketing of exclusively skewed right-wing radio aimed at all non-urban sectors of the nation. No wonder the likes of malevolent Jewish lasers now have gained a critical mass of credence.

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