Free Textbooks

Free Textbooks

A collection of free books from Springer

To help support everyone during Covid-19, Springer has released a ton of free textbooks. This is great, but their web page for this is not super friendly, and expects you to download some Excel sheet to figure out what they have on offer.

This web page hopes to make it easier to access all this knawledge [sic].

From Free Textbooks from Springer, Categorised | Hacker News, it seems quite a few of them are pretty good.


Behavioral Science

Behavioral Science and Psychology

Biomedical and Life Sciences

Business and Economics

Business and Management

Chemistry and Materials Science

Computer Science

Earth and Environmental Science

Economics and Finance




Humanities, Social Sciences and Law

Intelligent Technologies and Robotics

Law and Criminology

Literature, Cultural and Media Studies

Mathematics and Statistics


Physics and Astronomy

Religion and Philosophy

Social Sciences

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