When It Changed

When It Changed

When It Changed

*When It Changed …* is a three-part blog post written by David Reinfurt and Eric Li and edited by Meg Miller for Are.na around billboard legislation in Vermont, Web 2.0, and ambient software.

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It was 2018, just before the end of summer, and I was in Post Mills, Vermont, paging through old copies of Vermont Life magazine. My wife’s mother and father, longtime state residents, have saved copies of the magazine from the last 50 years or so. It’s published quarterly, each issue taking advantage of Vermont’s four crisply rendered seasons. A story might detail the comings and goings in the town of Corinth around a furniture maker’s workshop at the start of fall, or the raising, in early spring, of a round barn in Bradford. Each story is particular, and somehow each is also generic. More [HERE]

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