The Culture Wars Rage on Because of Generation X’s Failure


We are in a temporal loop. George Santayana’s 1905 observation that “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” remains (ironically?) indelible, but it isn’t even the half of it.

If you want a sense of how far we haven’t come, revisit the PC debates of the early ‘90s. Names may have changed but the story is still the same. Consider the following quotes:

“McCarthyism of the Left makes open debate irrelevant.”

“People are afraid to speak out because they know they will be abused. They’re walking on eggshells.”

“The saved…are good no matter what they do; racial minorities, for instance, are, by definition, incapable of racism. The damned — the white male ‘oppressors’… — are evil, even when they teach or act politically in favor of the oppressed.”

Though the PC wars were only tangentially related to Generation X discourse insofar as they were concurrent and figuring out inclusiveness was the youth’s problem to deal with, it is nonetheless useful to revisit the discussions on Generation X for what they tell us about the culture of young people in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s.

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