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Netter kleiner Commandline Helfer, der automatisch falsch getippte Befehle korrigiert und einem den/die  richtigen Befehl(e) vorschlägt. Spaßige Spielerei für Menschen, die nicht ständig auf „man“ aufrufen wollen.

Installation auf macOS (vorausgesetzt Homebrew ist installiert):

brew install thefuck

The Fuck attempts to match the previous command with a rule. If a match is found, a new command is created using the matched rule and executed. The following rules are enabled by default:

  • adb_unknown_command – fixes misspelled commands like adb logcta;
  • ag_literal – adds -Q to ag when suggested;
  • aws_cli – fixes misspelled commands like aws dynamdb scan;
  • cargo – runs cargo build instead of cargo;
  • cargo_no_command – fixes wrongs commands like cargo buid;
  • cd_correction – spellchecks and correct failed cd commands;
  • cd_mkdir – creates directories before cd’ing into them;
  • cd_parent – changes cd.. to cd ..;
  • chmod_x – add execution bit;
  • composer_not_command – fixes composer command name;
  • cp_omitting_directory – adds -a when you cp directory;
  • cpp11 – adds missing -std=c++11 to g++ or clang++;
  • dirty_untar – fixes tar x command that untarred in the current directory;
  • dirty_unzip – fixes unzip command that unzipped in the current directory;
  • django_south_ghost – adds --delete-ghost-migrations to failed because ghosts django south migration;
  • django_south_merge – adds --merge to inconsistent django south migration;
  • docker_not_command – fixes wrong docker commands like docker tags;
  • dry – fixes repetitions like git git push; ….

Weitere Infos: thefuck

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